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I just watched charlieissocoollike’s now nearly 5 year old video after five years, and for the second time in these five years. Video in question being this one-Dear Future Charlie


I vaguely remember watching it back then. I don’t think I made as much of it as I did just now. This time, I cried. Literally. Teared up. Perplexing as this might be, I think, it is because for the first time, my own future is SO unimaginably uncertain. I don’t know, I considered making a time capsule of sorts of my own, on video and written formats. But I couldn’t decide where to put it. I also needed to compose self. Maybe I will make a video, maybe I won’t. But I’m finding not knowing what is going to become of me very stressful and scary. He told his future self that he hopes he’d still be doing YouTube in some form. So he is in fact able to accept that he might be doing something entirely different! But given that I went down the particular career path that I did, I really do doubt that doing anything else will be an option ever in my life. I’m not sure I’d want to do anything else for a living, but time and again I have wished I’d done something- anything else, so I’d have been able to do theatre, maybe song more, blog more, write more.

Anyway, if I do muster the stuff required to make a video and put it up on YouTube even if it is privated, or maybe store it on my Google drive maybe, I’ll put it on here as well. My own personal little Internet diary 🙂



It has been a while…

These animals just know the feeling. 🐼

These animals just know the feeling. 🐼

It has been a while since I’ve even thought about this scrappy webpage – a poor excuse for a blog- I don’t even remember it most of the time blog of mine. But hey, it is my blog and well, you can never hate what’s your own, so 🐯 I shall resort to posting  animal emojis and then stop rarambling when there’s nothing to be said



Happy Tangent :)

We don’t ever really do anything particularly new. Not really. Either you always wanted to and didn’t or you always have done things the same way. It’s never new.

The 270 degree arc is okay. the last 90 will not happen – this circle CANNOT be allowed to complete. No circle should. WOuldn’t I grow dizzy? Jeez life! Here’s to a happy tangent!


Free Fall

If I were to write a memoir right now, I’d end it thus –  And so, in that half a second I just let go.


Most Wanted – Dead

Big days, big days for Mr.President at the White House.
Osama bin laden, MOST WANTED and wanted dead at that, for over two decades.DEAD! Believable? Sure, all of us want to believe, but seriously…duudee….and moreover, killed in a swift 40 minute operation by US top secret Naval agents in somethingabad, supposedly a mere half hour’s drive from Pak’s military training institute! And coming to think of it, the Pak military officials and defense ministry and Govt in general claiming to have been clueless!!! Poppycock. Honestly, how do they manage to kill the most elusive person like ‘that’ ( you know, in the time it takes to click your fingers..) And there has been no photo, no sign of basis of confirmation of id that has been released to the public through media, but then, we all want to believe, and so no one  raises the question of an impostor or look alike. The basic human tendency to believe that which which allows us to sleep the best we can at night. However, I’m really hoping another one of his famous ‘tapes’ doesn’t surface. That’ll be a real dampener, especially on US Forces’ morale and the belief that others world round have on the aforesaid forces. And while at it, here’s wishing the world’s best agents and legitimate combat specialist forces regardless of their nationality, race or gender the best of luck in finishing off what they’ve successfully begun by two successful operations in two years, defeat of the LTTE and its leader Prabhakaran and finally being able to declare bin Laden dead. To resist another rise of the Al Qaeda and preventing a new leader from taking reign shall be a feat, and so shall the next big task of clamping down on the Taliban powers, but the best always win. Three cheers to the Best of the world 🙂  But really, while the rest of us in the comforts and safety of our homes can say ” Ha, so finally some justice for all those millions and millions of people who’ve died over the decades”, I wonder whether for those peoples’ families, there will ever really be closure.
Whether the scars that mark the visage of Irani, Iraqi, Afghani and Pakistani lives will ever fully fade, and whether there will be a generation that gets to grow up not hearing gory battle stories that their forefathers fought to secure them a free land not that they were not sovereign, but a nation free from terrorism, whose economy is free to utilize resources towards development and empowerment rather than developing new battle technology in secrecy. Raising a toast to the new world order that we all ought to hope and pray for, which I sure do, with a firm belief that it will exist someday, someday relatively soon, Amen.
( I’m not going to apologize for the hurried and substandard vocab I’ve used, ’cause I’m supposed to be really busy, but I just had to write this out…. so long..)


CWG 2010 , New Delhi.

The CWG opening ceremony was widely appreciated.Yes. It represented all those things Indian. The whole melee was distinct and very very ‘us’. The medal tally……OMG…. Wow. 38 golds and a total of 101… Amazing it all sounds.

Now, England had more medals than India and came third only as they had one gold less than India. Their final medal tally stood at 143. And Australia were way ahead of us at 177.

Suresh Kalmadi. Almost as many corruption charges as the number of gold medals that our country has won.Squandered away some 500 crores of our money-taxpayers’ money. Or not. He just pocketed them safely and will hopefully have to produce them in whole in due course of time.
The sponsorships and advert rights were funnily enough not offered to the companies with the best offers but to some select groups with apparently no basis. Bias though, for sure.

The Common Wealth Games ’10 were handed to India in Nov 2003. Why then did the renovation of the main stadium, the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium begun only in 2008 and completed 6 months behind schedule, just 2 months before the commencement of the games??

Sure, there was plenty to be proud of so far as our athletes winning so many many accolades goes. However, with the dusty swirls of corruption surrounding the whole affair, one cannot help but fell dissatisfied with the end results… superficially pleasing though they are.

Also, call me a killjoy,but I can’t help but remind you that many top players had pulled out of the games.
Also, the fact that the CWG Village in New Delhi was built near the Akshardham temple on the banks of the Yamuna where the riverbed was supposedly sensitive. The ecological negligence of the authorities appalls me amidst many other things. Sigh. Maybe, just maybe, I am expecting utopia out of a place most definitely not perfect.

At the same time, hats off to all our athletes, who did us proud, by at least nullifying or reducing the glaring attention on Kalmadi and India’s unpreparedness.

The one thing that doesn’t change is the fact that the CWG was a sport tournament and no matter what, for at least a fraction of a second, brought out that sportsmanship hidden in every single person. That and the “My Country” spirit. So that being said, I hope for a better, much improved presentation the next time that we get to host anything big….. ( say the Olympics 2020 for example… 🙂 in keeping with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Dream 2020 )

Halla Bol! Aage Dol! Karta Jaa Goal Pe Goal!! 🙂

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