When Day Dreams Don’t Suffice

Have you ever found yourself sitting on your couch, staring straight ahead, eyes unfocused, hair askew, hands randomly fiddling about with nothing in particular… a piece of paper maybe, or the TV remote? And suddenly you come to and realise that you’re just sitting there with a foolish grin playing on your face, and maybe a stunned onlooker  contemplating whether or not to get you out of your reverie just in case you proceed to do something ridiculous like a tiny little jig or hop on the spot or a graceful pirouette. o_O

Yeah. Day dreaming. Those were the days… aahhh…..

Damn it! There I was at it again!!!

Oh well, one find day, realisation hit me. I realised that in day dreaming, I was living my mind’s strongest desires in an imagined world, and that I wasn’t really making an effort to get them done in reality. I could all of a sudden, pin ALL – each and every single one- my failures, disappointments and delays in accomplishment to this one existence – an alternate world running parallel to the real world in my head, where none of those sad realities existed!

So, when this realization hit, I sat and wondered. What on earth was I to do?

I had a decade ‘s worth of unaccomplished goals to catch up on!

And so ( in wondering,) another decade passed.

Then, one fine Sunday eve, I decided, absolutely cold turkey. TO FRIKKIN START DOING!

And there. That was all that there ever was to be done. Put out a plan, work out a routine, and stick to it with extra effort for a month. And then the second month, I hoped I‘d find that it was programmed into me that I didn’t need to put in that effort that it was all but effortless to get up and DO whatever it was that I wanted done.

I had learnt that autopilot didn’t mean uncontrolled. It meant self- controlled. And so this blog came to be. On Autopilot


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