A Start Nonetheless

A week back, I was at my desk in my room at hostel, trying to write a page of something in English to contribute to my college yearbook.  From prose I came down to poetry and at the end of an hour I was desperately trying to create a comic strip…..

I realized that a two year break from writing can kill one’s vocabulary, imagination, and spontaneity and that a 4 week break from speaking a language can kill one’s diction and accent. 
I decided that I’d take my struggle to win back my command over the language online onto a blog, and hence the existence of this page. 
It’s funny how this seems the most engaging and imposing problem of mine when compared to the test that I have the day after tomorrow… Having now successfully convinced myself that the test may be important too after all, I’m afraid I’ll  be at my desk improving nay starting to build my vocabulary of anatomy terms and phrases for the next couple of days (or is it only just tomorrow before the D day?)   Well, a beginning is a beginning no matter under what dire circumstances it took place…


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